Some useful travel tips

Where ever we travel there are several things that we always need and some of them we often forget. Maybe the first thing to do is to make a list (or copy mine) of things that you should have with you, and after packing write everything that’s packed down on paper (to make sure you aren’t forgetting something when you decide to come back). There are also few tips how to make your vacation pleasant and memorable.

So this is the list of things you should (must) bring with you:

  1. A passport – Where ever you travel you will always need it, and it can be used for identification purposes
  2. Wallet – If possible full of money 🙂 With you Personal ID card, money, credit/debit cards etc.
  3. Driver’s License – If you have it bring it. You can never now when you will use it even if you are not planning to drive
  4. Insurance cards – For both your medical and automobile insurance
  5. Credit cards – Like written above, bring them and keep them safe
  6. Travelers checks
  7. Coupons
  8. Airline, Cruise or Train tickets – You can not travel without a ticket, right?
  9. Itinerary – With confirmation numbers and addresses and phone numbers of where you’ll be staying
  10. Travel brochures and maps – It can be useful if you don’t have anyone to ask for help
  11. Lots of crisp one-dollar bills for all those tipping opportunities – If you want
  12. A small amount of local currency – For immediate use to hold you over until you can make it to a currency exchange, if you’re planning foreign travel.

Did I forget something?

There are also some safety tips that you need to consider. Unfortunately there are thieves everywhere and you never know what bad thing (I hope nothing) can happen to you. But don’t let fear or bad thoughts ruin your vacation, this is just for assurance. To be safe and confident here are some good tips:

1.Use your credit card when you travel

A lot of the card companies protect you and your purchases when your use their card. If you should have the card lost or stolen then a phone call will cancel the card and get another one sent to you immediately. Talk to your card company before you travel and find out how to deal with this situation and how fast they can get you a new card.

2.Do not carry more documents and personal information around with you than you actually need

For example you are probably never going to need your birth certificate when you travel. Take only two credit cards with you and keep only one on you at any one time. Most hotels have security safes where you can lock up the things you do not need to be carrying around with you. You should not need more than one credit card, a passport and a driver’s license if you are going to be driving. Leave the rest at home or locked up in your hotel.

3.Do not give out personal information

Especially over the phone when traveling, particularly in countries with older phone systems that can still be used for eavesdropping

4.Make sure trusted friends and/or relatives know your itinerary

Should the worst happen at least someone will have the knowledge of where you were and what you were doing. This may save the police days of work should an emergency arise.

5.If you are carrying a computer with you make sure you have all your passwords set so it is secure even if it does get stolen

Use a password with a combination of letters and numbers that are not related to you in any way. Do not use your initials and the year of your birth for example.

6.When you are going through the airport security screening watch what is happening at the other end of the x-ray machine

Make sure there is no unauthorized people hanging around, tying their shoe laces etc just waiting for your computer or other baggage to come through ahead of you while you are trying to get your body through the system. A thief can grab your computer or bag and be gone without you even realizing it. Use your eyes here and know what is happening around you.

7.Learn to use the Internet.

There is a lot of great information here that can help you and a lot that can hurt you. If it does not sound right then it probably isn’t. Trust your gut on stuff. You will be right a lot more than your will be wrong. When filling out forms for travel and purchases or what ever, only fill in the minimal amount of information. The less you have to send the better.

When you travel you want everything to be perfect and enjoyable. You would also like to experience lots of stuff, to see new and cool places and meet some interesting people. Here are some tips which will help you achieve all that.

1.Embrace the Weird and Wonderful

Don’t pass up a chance to try something a little out of the ordinary, be it new food, local customs, children’s games, or anything else.

2.Learn the Language

Even just the basics will lay the foundation for a better experience. A little goes a long way, it demonstrates that you are willing to make the effort and convey respect toward the people you meet. If nothing else it will raise a smile or two, and that’s always a bonus.

3.Go Slow

It’s human nature to not want to ‘miss out’ on anything, but by racing though too many countries in a given time you may miss out on so much more. Not only will you learn less about the places you’ve longed to visit, but one or two nights in each place also spells out buses, trains or boats at least ever other day, and packing/unpacking will almost become a daily event. Tiring? I should say so.

4.Be a One Bag Wonder

Travel light, travel happy. Less really is more. Less weight to lug between transport and accommodation, less size to be swinging around within the confines of a densely populated bus, and less stress as the smaller your luggage is, the less likely you are to be forcibly separated from it during a journey.

5.Keep a Journal

If writing isn’t your thing, then rest easy. A journal means many different things to different people. It could be a full scale daily diary or simply a child’s notebook from the market in which you put labels from local beer bottles (possibly with drunken scribblings below) – the choice is yours. Whatever form your personal creation may take, the end result is the same. Long after your memory has faded there will be this well thumbed Opus, this testimony of your travels, waiting to take you once more through this wonderful chapter of your life.

Have a nice trip 😉

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