Spectacular views from The Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona

The Tibidabo Mountain makes an excellent sightseeing spot while in Barcelona. If planning this short trip, make sure you choose a clear day so you can enjoy all the views have to offer. The sunsets are unforgettable so make sure you stay that long.

To start from the beginning, the Tibidabo Mountain is a small mountain or a hill you see in the north of Barcelona behind Zona Alta. It rises 512m above sea level and is the highest peak of the Collserola hills overlooking Barcelona. The mountain offers an amazing view; the entire city stretched out at your feet but also has abundant natural scenery of its own as well as some interesting buildings and attractions. The Sagrada Familia, the twin towers of the Olympic port, the harbour and many other of Barcelona’s sights are all visible from the scenic lookout at the top of Tibidabo.

Some people claim that The Tibidabo Mountain offers much better view that Montjuic, another famous hill located near the center of Barcelona and that the road to the Tibidabo is much more fun.

To get to the mountain, you’ll have to take a bus, a tram and a funicular railway, but it will pay off.

The journey starts with the subway (ok, it’s more of a local train) to the last stop, Avinguda Tibidabo. From there, take the Tramvia Blau tram, up Av. Tibidabo. The road up to the funicular station is steep and slow but you can enjoy your time looking at the fancy houses that just seem to get bigger and fancier the higher you go. In Barcelona, the higher you go, the higher the prices of apartments and houses and obviously more luxurious.

The tram takes you to a small plaza with a few restaurants. This is where you get on the funicular. Funicular offers some more steep uphill climbing but it lasts just a few minutes. Within these few minutes, you can enjoy the view over Barcelona already.

The first thing you see when you reach the mountain is the majestic Church of the Sacred Heart (Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón in Spanish / Sagrat Cor in Catalan). The construction of the Church of the Sacred Heart began in 1902 took over 60 years to complete. At the top of the church, there is beautiful bronze statue of Christ built by Josep Miret Llopart looking onward to the Mediterranean with open arms, overlooking the city of Barcelona.

The Neo-Gothic design of the church contrasts sharply with Barcelona’s three main churches in the Gothic Quarter.

The Sacred Heart has two excellent viewing spots from which you can see Barcelona as well as of Tibidabo. The first of the spots is the terrace, which can be reached by lift. This stunning terrace is a place from where you can greet twelve statues of the Apostles. From the terrace, spiralling stone steps of the tower will take the feet of the huge bronze statue of Jesus.

The amusement park opened its doors back in 1899. This funfair gives an opportunity to spend an amazing afternoon with over 30 modern and old-fashioned rides and attractions. It even contains a place for ice skating. It is especially fun for children, much more than for the adults.  

To get the best view, you would need to go to la Torre de Collserola, a telecommunications tower 288m high built for the 1992 Olympic Games. On a good day, you can see 70 kilometres away through a glass-covered public viewpoint. You can reach it within a ten-minute walk from Tibidabo. A panoramic lift will then take you to the glass-covered public viewpoint.                                                                    

Other points of interest include Barcelona’s Planetarium and Science Museum and the Fabra Observatory. In the Planetarium, the visitors can see the constellations by means of impressive visual effects and Science Museum is the visited museum of the city.

Fabra Observatory is an astronomical observatory whose main activity is the study of asteroids and comets. It is the fourth most ancient observatory in the world that is still functioning.


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